Mother nature is really quite simple. And she doesn’t work with a calculator : The universe is 99.9 percent plasma / Which is Electric. Which is magnetic at it’s core






























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Mainstream science is lying to us

REAL experiments

unlike NASA’s CGI


To keep their funding of billions.

New studies show how the INSIDE of a magnet represents a black hole perfectly.

Remember the black hole image taken about 5 months ago?

All toroidal magnets have vortex centers where nothing can go.

Not even light.

Theres a new invention called a Ferocell in which 2 pieces of glass with ferrofluid in between, and LED lights surround it.

The LED lights get caught up in the field lines of the magent, and see what’s going on INSIDE a Magnet.

It’s like a magnet Xray.

Never been done before in scientific history.

Take a look at what ALL torodial magnets look like under one.

You can make this at home.

A mini safe “black hole”.



Here’s how he visually demonstrates planets being made, using magnetic putty, and a torodial magnet.

The magnetic putty EATS the magnet, at takes it to its center.

He also does a perfect representation visually demonstrating Saturn also.

The dielectric inertia plane of the planet locks in synchrony with the dielectric inertia plane of its ring, which keeps the planet locked, preventing it from free spinning in all different directions within said ring.

Visual experiment.



Yes, it’s been PROVEN in laboratories Electromagnetic currents play a pivatol role in the cosmos.



THE DRAGON – More evidence of Birkland currents, in space, and Earth.



A more descriptive video of magnetic fields bending light, PERFECT representation, using a Ferocell.



Here’s a video representing the magnetics of our galaxies.



More and more of these videos make sense, and fit so well into absolutely everything cosmos related.

Simple. Elegant. Using magnetics.

Something NONE of us study, even in High School.

Do they even tell tales of Tesla anymore in school?

Have they ever???

Our Ancient Ancestors knew this science.

They knew it very well.

We’ve been dooped by government funded scientists in desperate attempts to CONTINUE getting their funding.

They literally created results to keeping their funding.

Look at his explanation of galaxies.

Unreal how right he is, and how simple it really is.

Galaxies, are perfectly mimicking what’s going on inside magnets



Check this video out showing how pyrimid magnetics work, based on a magnet expert.

And I mean, expert.

Think, pyrimid of Giza.



Here’s a pyramid magnet under a Ferocell.

In terms of energy release, think of a fireman’s hose.



Here’s a fun fact.

90 percent of scientists read. That’s it. They read books.

Government printed books by government funded scientists.

If those scientists don’t “produce” results, their funding stops.

Theres such a SMALL amount of scientists working with real equipment to contribute to finding answers.

They are all government funded, spending billions on machines that take 10-15 years to build.

That’s a long time to line pockets without having to produce results.

Mother nature is really quite simple.

And she doesn’t work with a calculator.

And she’s not some crazy cross-eyed hooker on crack with a bag of magic particles either.

The universe, is indeed Electric.

Without electricity, magnetism cannot exist.

Without magnetism, electricity cannot exist.



The right hand rule, rules not only living things on this planet, but the universe.

Spend an hour on this page.

Don’t read at first. Scroll and LOOK at visual experiments, compared to visuals of our universe.

What’s offered, is REAL experiments, unlike NASA’s CGI.

Mainstream science is lying to us too. Funding for billions.

BTW, there’s a reason Venus was seen by our Ancient Ancestors as a monster.

Looking what she did to Mars.

Half the planet is covered in scars.

Those are NOT volcanic vents.

Where’s the sediment from collapse that should be inside it?

Proven in laboratories, electricity/plasma is the ONLY thing that can carve like that, whilst simultaneously ejecting the sediment for a clean smooth crevice.

BTW, Grand Canyon too.

What is a particle accelerator???

Putting “a” particle into an Electromagnetic field, to speed it up.

Think about it.

The universe is 99.9 percent plasma.

Which is Electric.

Which is magnetic at its core!

Without magnetism, electricity cannot exist. Faraday, maxwell, Steinmetz, NIKOLA TESLA literally gave us 100 percent of the Electric grid we’re CURRENTLY using today.

Yet their explanation of the universe has been COMPLETELY ignored by science and swept under the rug by mainstream science!

Yet mainstream science uses these men’s equations to generate new electric grids!!

The Ferocell PROVES EVERYTHING they’ve said 100 years ago.

Clockwise vortex towards the plane of inertia at the north pole, counterclockwise vortex towards the center at the south pole.

Working in unison based on the right hand rule, the magnet takes geometric shape of a TORUS.

Same shape as your BLOOD CELLS.

Which has what in it??? Iron.

The atom is NOT 99.9 percent empty space. It’s 99.9 percent MAGNETISM.

Here is a video describing Charles Steinmetz.

A very early scientist in which ALL of the above science, is based on.

He literally built General Electric.