Why Do Archaeologists Lie? New England’s Ancient Stone Chambers Revealed



IMAGE: Aerial view of one of many mysterious stone structures in New England, Northeast United States.




There are hundreds of elaborate, man-made stone structures throughout New England and upstate New York in the northeast of the US, with many structures found in remote areas – far from any recognised ‘human settlements’.

So much is being hidden, but why? Watch this excellent presentation on what has been there right below our noses in the US…

A stonemason asks questions about the ancient stone chambers in New England

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There are elaborately constructed stone structures throughout New England and the Northeast.

They’re usually found in relatively inaccessible places, far away from water and settlements, and often deep in the woods and/or in mountainous areas. And they’re all line up perfectly with astronomical phenomena.

So what do traditional archeologists and historians say about them? “They’re root cellars.”

First of all, NONE of these structures would function well as root cellars.

Second, building a root cellar is a simple job, one not requiring multi-ton stone arch roofs.

Why do mainstream scientists lie about this? By the way, this speaker – who does occasionally go pretty far out – and had his very popular TEDX talk banned by TED headquarters.

On another note, apparently the looting of mounds and other mysterious structure appears to have been a national pastime years ago. The story of just one of these structures written about here: “Looting Spiro Mounds: An American King Tut’s Tomb “…


Strange stone tunnels and chambers, perhaps pre-historic, have been found in Leyden, Wendell, Pelham, Montague, New Salem, Whitingham, VT and throughout New England. Who built these structures and when? Why?

Ashfield stonemason Jim Vieira has been exploring local stone chambers for years as a member of the Northeast Antiquities Research Association, which has studied these structures for 60 years. He describes the stone ceremonial landscape of New England, carbon-dating evidence and historical texts.
His slides document local sites and others in New England, and he discusses what they represent and who may have built them.



Steve Quayle has been speaking and teaching on the subject of Giants with double rows of teeth and six digits on their hands and feet for decades now. It seems every time such bones or skeletal remains are found, the Smithsonian comes and whisks them out of public sight for good by destroying the evidence.

If interested, see his website at stevequayledotcom .

It seems that our history isn’t exactly as the modern day history writers make it out to be.

History is always written by those in control, whether true or not.

I think we can handle any truth as long as it IS the truth.

Many native Americans say that their grandfathers and great grandfathers talked as if the giants were real and some shared the land with them, some fought with them, traded and interacted with them. It seems the giants were their long before the Indians migrated into their territory and that they slowly began disappearing and moving away and they used the mounds for their own purposes.

This would seem plausible and some Indians might have mimicked the mounds, but the skeletons don’t lie, their is a cover up and its happening all over the world.

The copper mine now confirms the use of the copper armor that has been found on the giants many times.

That much copper being removed would indicate they were both there for a very long period of time and they were preparing for war with someone.

The copper might have been the reason for conflict. The giants were also found with brass plates on them which is a alloy of copper and zinc.

HOWEVER … Some Native Americans did speak of Giants, but they weren’t talking about physical beings, but beings in different realms or afterlife in a spiritual sense. So say some Choctaw, about their ancesters, who were the  descendants of the Mound Builders.